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Supersymmetric Landau-Ginzburg Tensor Models

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Melonic tensor model is a new type of solvable model, where the melonic Feynman diagrams dominate in the large N limit. The melonic dominance, as well as the solvability of the model, relies on a special type of interaction vertex, which generically would not be preserved under renormalization group flow. I will discuss a class of 2d N=(2,2) melonic tensor models, where the non-renormalization of the superpotential protects the melonic dominance. Another important feature of our models is that they admit a novel type of deformations which gives a large IR conformal manifold. At generic point of the conformal manifold, all the flavor symmetries (including the O(N)^{q-1} symmetry) are broken and all the flat directions in the potential are lifted. I will also discuss how the operator spectrum and the chaos exponent depend on the deformation parameters.