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The relative locality of quantum spacetime

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Should we revisit the concept of space solely based on quantum mechanics?

Do we need a radically new physical principle to address the problem of quantum gravity?

In this talk I will adress these questions. I will review what are the central challenges one faces when trying to understand the theory of quantum gravity from first principles and focus on the main one which is non-locality.

I will present a collection of results and ideas that have been developed in the recent years that provides a radical new perspective on these issues.

One of the central concept I'll present is the idea that locality has to be made relative, and how this idea goes back to one of the founder of quantum mechanics: Max Born. I'll also explain how these new ideas remarkably force us to revisit the concept of space itself and propose a natural generalization that incorporate quantum mechanics in its fabric called modular space. I'll also sketch how these foundational ideas quite unexpectedly links with the most recent developments on the geometry of string theory, and generalized geometry.