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Paul Schaffer: Get a Half-Life: Isotopes as the unlikely Hero of Modern Mediicine

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Emerging techniques and technologies, drawn from many fields of science and medicine, are allowing us to peer inside the human body with unprecedented sensitivity and to probe the fundamental processes of life – in real time. TRIUMF’s Life Sciences Division is making such studies possible with isotopes, short-lived elements that are harnessed and incorporated into next generation pharmaceuticals designed to provide incredible insight into the complex systems that make up life. With its specialized expertise and facilities in particle accelerator targets, isotope production, and radiochemistry, TRIUMF – Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and accelerator-based science – has unique capabilities in this area.

In his talk, Dr. Paul Schaffer, Associate Laboratory Director of TRIUMF’s Life Sciences Division, will explore how he and his team use accelerators to develop tools and techniques to advance the field of nuclear medicine. He’ll share leading-edge developments and discuss the promise advanced medical isotopes hold for disease diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as talk about his team’s award-winning efforts to produce a secure supply of critical medical isotopes.