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Loop Models, Modular Invariance, and Three Dimensional Bosonization

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Recently, a web of quantum field theory dualities was proposed linking several problems in the study of strongly correlated quantum critical points and phases in two spatial dimensions. These dualities follow from a relativistic flux attachment duality, which relates a Wilson-Fisher boson with a unit of attached flux to a free Dirac fermion. While several derivations of members of the web of dualities have been presented thus far, none explicitly involve the physics of flux attachment, which in relativistic systems affects both statistics and spin. We discuss how this can be achieved in models of relativistic current loops, where the concept of relativistic flux attachment can be made precise. In this context, we provide simple, explicit “derivations” of members of the web of dualities. We describe some implications of this work for relativistic composite fermion theories arising in condensed matter physics, as well as new possibilities for deriving additional dualities using these techniques.