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Holomorphic Floer theory and deformation quantization

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Geometry of a pair of complex Lagrangian submanifolds of a complex symplectic manifold appears in many areas of mathematics and physics,  including exponential integrals in finite and infinite dimensions,  wall-crossing formulas in 2d and 4d, representation theory, resurgence of WKB series and so  on.

In 2014 we started a joint project with Maxim Kontsevich which we  named "Holomorphic Floer Theory" (HFT for short) in order to study all these (and other) phenomena as a part of a bigger picture.

Aim of my talk is to discuss  aspects of HFT related to deformation quantization of complex symplectic manifolds, including the conjectural Riemann-Hilbert correspondence.  Although some parts of this story have been already reported elsewhere, the topic has  many ramifications which have not been discussed earlier.