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Holography at finite radius

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I will discuss certain irrelevant operator deformations of holographic conformal field theories that define a one parameter family of quantum field theories which are thought to be dual to quantum gravity in finite regions. 
Some examples include the "$T\bar{T}$ deformation of two dimensional holographic CFTs, its generalisations and higher dimensional cousins.
I will emphasise the key role played by emergent radial diffeomorphism invariance in this scenario. In particular, I will present an additional criterion for a theory, in the appropriate regime, to possess a dual description in terms of general relativity coupled to matter in one higher dimension. I will also discuss entanglement properties of such theories, and in a particular example, I will show how the holographic entanglement entropy conjectures still hold in the finite radius setting. This is based on the following work: arXiv:1707.08118 [hep-th]arXiv:1712.07955 [hep-th], arXiv:1806.07444 [hep-th] and arXiv:1808.07760 [hep-th]."