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Frobenius Heisenberg decategorification

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The Heisenberg algebra plays an important role in many areas of mathematics and physics. Khovanov constructed a categorical analogue of this algebra which emphasizes its connections to representation theory and combinatorics. Recently, Brundan, Savage, and Webster have shown that the Grothendieck group of this category is isomorphic to the Heisenberg algebra. However, applying an alternative decategorification functor called the trace to the Heisenberg category yields a richer structure: a W-algebra, an infinite-dimensional Lie algebra related to conformal field theory. In this talk, we will describe recent work extending this latter result to a generalized version of the Heisenberg category associated to an arbitrary graded Frobenius algebra F. The decategorifications of this Frobenius Heisenberg category conjecturally provide connections to alternative Heisenberg algebras and W-algebras associated to the algebra F. This is joint work with Alistair Savage (University of Ottawa).