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Exploration to the Ends of the Earth: Roald Amundsen, the Quest for the Northwest Passage and the Quest for the Poles

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In 1905, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen completed the first ever transit of the fabled Northwest Passage, culminating a centuries long quest that had claimed ships and lives. Amundsen\'s feat was one of many human achievements in the first decade of the new century, and a landmark in the history exploration. Amundsen\'s voyage was preceded by the controversial North Pole expedition of Robert Peary, another long sought prize of explorers. Amundsen\'s quests shifted south to Antarctica and the South Pole, a prize he achieved, and then back to the Arctic, when he tried and failed to navigate, locked in the polar ice, to the North Pole. This presentation will examine the life, feats, trials, failures and successes of Amundsen. James P.Delgado, Roald Amundsen, northwest passage, north pole, south pole, exploration, Arctic, Frobisher, Peary, Franklin, Clark, Ross, Mclure,