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ETWG Report and System upgrades for Spring 2015 mmVLBI Campaign

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Convened in the summer of 2013, the EHT Technical Working Group (ETWG) was tasked with:1. Survey the capabilities at all EHT facilities 2. Establish a set of specifications for future EHT observations 3. Outline the technical developments needed to reach these goals 4. Based on prioritized science objectives, formulate a project roadmap that is grounded in technical feasibility with the resources available.This overview will report on the findings and conclusions arrived at by the ETWG and present specifications for future EHT observations at 230 and 345 GHz. I will also briefly discuss subsequent technical developments and the rollout of new equipment for the 2015 EHT observing campaign that will for the first time deploy recording at 16 Gb/s. With a relatively modest expansion over the next couple of years this mmVLBI system will be capable of 64 Gb/s for an aggregate bandwidth of 16 GHz i.e. 8x the bandwidth of existing EHT observations.