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Entanglement Branes, Modular Flow, and Extended TQFT

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In gauge theories, there is an inherent tension between locality and gauge invariance.   This is precisely expressed by the failure to factorize the physical Hilbert space into local tensor products.   The extended Hilbert space offers a resolution to this problem by embedding physical states into a larger Hilbert space containing gauge variant degrees of freedom.  For two dimensional TQFT's, we show how this extension fits inside the framework of extended quantum field theory, as described by the Moore-Segal axioms.  These are sewing axioms that impose a sort of spacetime covariance for the extended Hilbert space.   For the case of two-dimensional Yang Mills and it's string theory dual, we show how this framework leads to exact calculations of multi-interval modular flow,  ,negativity, and entanglement entropy.  Moreover, we given an axiomatic formulation of the "entanglement brane", which nicely compliments the worldsheet description given in previous work.