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Emergence of Supergroups from Junctions of M-branes

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We study the boundary conditions in the topologically twisted Chern-Simons matter theories with the Lie 3-algebraic structure. We find that the supersymmetric boundary conditions and the gauge invariant boundary conditions can be unified as the complexified gauge invariant boundary conditions which lead to the supergroup WZW models. We examine the BPS indices of the supergroup WZW models which may describe certain junctions of M2-branes and M5-branes by identifying the vacuum configurations of the brane system with the weight diagrams of the associated Lie superalgebras. For the case arising from the BLG model an explicit expression can be given in terms of a mock modular form. We will also consider the alternative matrix quantum mechanical descriptions of the supergroup WZW models. The talk will be based on recent works arXiv:1512.06646, arXiv:1612.07565 and ongoing research.