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DMRG Studies on the Spin Liquid Ground State of the Kagome Model

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I will present a density-matrix renormalization group
(DMRG) study of the S=1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the kagome lattice to
identify the conjectured spin liquid ground state. Exploiting SU(2) spin
symmetry, which allows us to keep up to 16,000 DMRG states, we consider
cylinders with circumferences up to 17 lattice spacings and find a spin liquid
ground state with an estimated per site energy of -0.4386(5), a spin gap of
0.13(1), very short-range decay in spin, dimer and chiral correlation functions
and finite topological entanglement consistent with the logarithm of 2, ruling
out gapless, chiral or non-topological spin liquids. All this would provide
strong evidence for a gapped topological Z_2 spin liquid.