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Deformations of 4d SCFTs and Supersymmetry Enhancing RG Flows

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We study remarkable RG flows in 4d QFT where supersymmetry enhances from N=1 to N=2 in the IR. This is triggered by the N=1 preserving deformation of 4d N=2 SCFTs with non-Abelian flavor symmetry by adding a chiral multiplet in the adjoint representation of the flavor symmetry and giving a nilpotent vev to the chiral multiplet. When the original N=2 SCFT and choice of the vev satisfy certain conditions, the resulting RG flows give N=2 Argyres-Douglas theories in the IR. These flows thus enable us to compute partition functions of Argyres-Douglas theories via localization. We also consider the more general and systematic deformation procedure which is applicable to any N=1 SCFTs and thus includes the above nilpotent one. Starting from N=1 SCFTs we allow all possible relevant deformations and/or coupling to a free chiral sector. We apply this to simple N=1 SCFTs and discuss the landscape of the IR fixed points, focusing on the enhancement of supersymmetry.