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Conformal Horizon Fluctuations in de Sitter Space, Dynamical Dark Energy & the CMB

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Infrared sensitivity of the de Sitter decay rate due to particle creation requires that gravitational backreaction be taken into account on the horizon scale. At lowest order, backreaction can be studied by Linear Response of the geometry to quantum matter perturbations around the Bunch-Davies state. In Linear Response the scalar degree of freedom derived from the conformal anomaly gives rise to scalar gravitational waves that grow without bound on the de Sitter horizon scale,  which implies substantial non-linear quantum backreaction effects in cosmology. Fluctuations in the conformalon scalar are potentially responsible for the primordial density fluctuations observed in the CMB anisotropy without an inflaton, and can also lead to dynamical, spacetime dependent dark energy. Possible observational tests of the conformal origin of primordial density fluctuations is suggested by the prediction of equality of scalar and tensor weight spectral indices, and the bispectral shape function of non-Gaussian correlations in the CMB predicted by conformal invariance.