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An Adventure in Topological Phase Transitions in 3 + 1-D: Non-abelian Deconfined Quantum Criticalities and a Possible Duality

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I will present recent results (with Zhen Bi) on novel quantum criticality and a possible field theory duality in 3+1 spacetime dimensions. We describe several examples of Deconfined Quantum Critical Points (DQCP) between Symmetry Protected Topological phases in 3 + 1-D.   We present situations in which the same phase transition allows for multiple universality classes controlled by distinct fixed points. We exhibit the possibility - which we dub “unnecessary quantum critical points” - of stable generic continuous phase transitions within the same phase. We present examples of interaction driven band-theory- forbidden continuous phase transitions between two distinct band insulators. The understanding we develop leads us to suggest an interesting possible 3 + 1-D field theory duality between SU(2) gauge theory coupled to one massless adjoint Dirac fermion and the theory of a single massless Dirac fermion augmented by a decoupled topological field theory.