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Particle Physics

This series consists of talks in the areas of Particle Physics, High Energy Physics & Quantum Field Theory.

Seminar Series Events/Videos

Currently there are no upcoming talks in this series.


Lundi nov 05, 2007

If some form of string theory indeed describes the ultra high energy physics of our universe, then there are two ingredients which are very likely to remain at low energies. The first, is a fifth force in the form of an additional abelian gauge group. The second, and more dramatic, is supersymmetry. Both may be observed at the upcoming Large Hadron Collider. In this talk I will explore a possible intimate connection between these two ingredients which leads to surprising predictions.



Vendredi juil 07, 2006

Currently, most physicists believe that only a small fraction of all the matter and energy in the universe is visible and can be seen through our most powerful telescopes. The remaining majority of the universe is thought to consist of elusive dark matter and dark energy, two substances about which we know very little. This presentation will explore the evidence in supporting the dark matter and dark energy theories and discuss some of their implications for how our universe will evolve.