Superhorizon fluctuations in de Sitter and cosmological spacetimes

will discuss superhorizon fluctuations in de Sitter space. The first part of
the talk will focus on computing entanglement entropies of field theories in a
fixed de Sitter background. Those computations are done for free theories and
also theories with gravity duals. If time permits, I will also discuss
superhorizon fluctuations in cosmological backgrounds. In particular, I focus
on showing that subhorizon fluctuations can not produce any significant
backreaction on superhorizon modes. If those late time effects existed, one in
principle could not trust the scale invariant spectrum of inflationary theories
to be the source of the spectrum of thermal fluctuations of the CMB.

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Mardi, Janvier 15, 2013 - 14:00 to 15:30
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