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Quantum Error-Correcting Codes in the Low Energy Subspaces

Recent years have shown that error correction is one of the most fundamental ingredients of various physical phenomena, from topological order to holography. However, only toy models and fixed point ground states could have been studied, even though the error-correcting properties are expected to hold generally in the low energy subspace.

In this talk, we will employ Matrix Product State formalism and see how low energy eigenstates of 1D translationally invariant Hamiltonians can form quantum error-correcting codes. Before diving into the results, we will review the necessary basics of quantum error correction and matrix product states.

Joint work with Martina Gschwendtner, Robert Koenig and Eugene Tang.

COVID-19 information for PI Residents and Visitors

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Mercredi, Novembre 7, 2018 - 16:00 to 17:30
Bob Room
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