Operator dynamics and quantum chaos: an approach from Brownian circuit

Operator scrambling is a crucial ingredient of quantum chaos. Specifically, in the quantum chaotic system, a simple operator can become increasingly complicated under unitary time evolution. This can be diagnosed by various measures such as square of the commutator (out-of-time-ordered correlator), operator entanglement entropy etc. In this talk, we discuss operator dynamics in three representative models: a 2-local spin model with all-to-all interaction, a chaotic spin chain with long-range interactions,  and the quantum linear map. In the first two examples, we explore the operator dynamics by using the quantum Brownian circuit approach and transform the operator spreading into a classical stochastic problem. Although the speeds of scrambling are quite different, a simple operator can eventually approach a "highly entangled" operator with operator entanglement entropy taking a volume law value (close to the Page value). Meanwhile, the spectrum of the operator reduced density matrix develops a universal spectral correlation which can be characterized by the Wishart random matrix ensemble.  In contrast, in the third example (the quantum linear map), although the square of commutator can increase exponentially with time, a simple operator does not scramble but performs chaotic motion in the operator basis space determined by the classical linear map. We show that once we modify the quantum linear map such that operator can mix in the operator basis, the operator entanglement entropy can grow and eventually saturate to its Page value, thus making it a truly quantum chaotic model.

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Jeudi, Novembre 1, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:30
Sky Room
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