The Large Charge Expansion and the Universal Correlation Functions in Rank-1 SCFT

The two-point functions <O^n(x) Obar^n(y)> for generator O of Coulomb branch chiral rings in D=4 N=2 SCFT will be determined universally to all orders in 1/n by the theory's a-anomaly.
The calculation will be done using the method of large-charge expansion presented in [1706.05743]; the absence of F-terms in the (R-charge)^(-1) expansion of the effective action ensures this universality.
I will also comment on the non-universal and non-perturbative corrections to the two-point functions whose leading piece was numerically shown to go as O(exp(-sqrt(n))).  

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Jeudi, Octobre 11, 2018 - 10:30 to 12:00
Space Room
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