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Juan Carrasquilla

Portrait de Juan Carrasquilla

Research Interests

My main research interests concern the understanding of equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties of many-body systems through the development and use of efficient numerical simulations. In particular, I am interested in frustrated magnets, strongly interacting bosonic systems, quantum Monte Carlo simulations, DMRG simulations, and classical statistical optics.

Positions Held

  • 2013- Perimeter Institute Postdoctoral fellow
  • 2013 Department of physics, Penn State University. Visiting Research Scholar
  • 2011-2012 Department of physics, Georgetown University. Postdoctoral fellow

Recent Publications

  • Andrea Di Ciolo, Juan Carrasquilla, Federico Becca, Marcos Rigol, and Victor Galitski, Spiral antiferromagnets beyond the spin-wave approximation: Frustrated XY and Heisenberg models on the honeycomb lattice Phys. Rev. B 89, 094413 Published 19 March 2014 arXiv: 1312.4558
  • Juan Carrasquilla, Andrea Di Ciolo, Federico Becca, Victor Galitski, and Marcos Rigol Nature of the phases in the frustrated XY model on the honeycomb lattice. Phys. Rev. B 88, 241109(R) - Published 20 December 2013 arXiv: 1307.2267
  • Spectral tensor networks for many-body localization A. Chandran, J. Carrasquilla, I. H. Kim, D. A. Abanin, G. Vidal. arXiv: 1410.0687
  • Quantum distillation and confinement of vacancies in a doublon sea. Lin Xia, Laura A. Zundel, Juan Carrasquilla, Aaron Reinhard, Josh M. Wilson, Marcos Rigol, and David S. Weiss. arXiv: 1409.2882
  • Quantum Kagome ice. Juan Carrasquilla, Zhihao Hao, Roger G. Melko. arXiv: 1407.0037


  • Quantum spin ice phases in frustrated magnets, Colloquium Universidad Nacional de Colombia August 19, 2014. Bogota, Colombia
  • Quantum Kagome ice, International workshop on quantum coherence and decoherence II August 25-29, 2014. Medellin, Colombia
  • Quantum Kagome ice, Theoretical physics seminar, Universidad de los Andes August 15, 2014. Bogota, Colombia
  • Quantum Kagome ice, Poster presentation, International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism July 7-11, 2014; Cambridge, UK
  • Quantum Kagome ice, 2014-08-08, CMT group meeting.
  • Phases of the frustrated XY model on the honeycomb lattice, 2013-10-08, PI condensed matter day
  • The Expansion of Bose-Hubbard Mott insulators in optical lattices, 2013-09-27, CMT group meeting
  • PIRSA:13010107, Superfluid to normal phase transition in strongly interacting bosons in two and three dimensions., 2013-01-22, Condensed Matter