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James Forrest

Portrait de James Forrest
Academic Program Director

Areas of Research:
Polymer Physics
Email: jforrest@perimeterinstitute.ca
Phone: (519) 569-7600 x5190

Research Interests

My Research is focused on the behaviour of soft materials at the nanoscale. This includes self assembly of polymers, dynamics in thin films and near surface and interfaces. I have a long standing interest on the dynamics of glassy materials.

Recent Publications

  • Competitive Effects from an Artificial Tear Solution to Protein Adsorption. B Hall, LW Jones, JA Forrest Optometry and vision science: official publication of the American Academy
  • Enhanced high-frequency molecular dynamics in the near-surface region of polystyrene thin films observed with β-NMR I McKenzie, CR Daley, RF Kiefl, CDP Levy, WA MacFarlane, GD Morris, ... Soft matter 11 (9), 1755-1761
  • A Brief Survey of β-Detected NMR of Implanted 8Li+ in Organic Polymers FH McGee, I McKenzie, T Buck, CR Daley, JA Forrest, M Harada, RF Kiefl, ... Journal of Physics: Conference Series 551 (1), 012039


  • The glass transition in thin polymer films, ESPCI, Paris, France,
  • What have we learned after 20 years of measuring glass transitions in thin polymer films? J Forrest. Invited talk, American Physical Society.