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Eder Izaguirre

Portrait de Eder Izaguirre
Phd: Stanford University 2012

Area of Research:
Email: eizaguirre@perimeterinstitute.ca
Phone: x7025

Research Interests

My research deals with three broad areas in particle physics.

My main effort in the last few years has been dedicated to signatures of beyond the Standard Model (SM) physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Lately I've been working on jet substructure techniques to disentangle high multiplicity final states from lower multiplicity (SM-like) ones in all-hadronic signatures.

Another area of research has to do with the possibility of having new light, weakly-coupled hidden sectors and the phenomenology of these classes of models. I've worked on ways of discovering new invisible states from the hidden sector at electron-beam-dump experiments.

I'm also working on questions pertaining indirect detection of dark matter with data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. In particular, I'm focusing on ways to robustly probe models of dark matter by studying the diffuse all-sky spectrum.

Recent Publications

  • Timothy Cohen (SLAC), Eder Izaguirre (Perimeter Inst. Theor. Phys.), Mariangela Lisanti, Hou Keong Lou (Princeton U.), Jet Substructure by Accident, JHEP 1303 (2013) 161.
  • Eder Izaguirre, Gordan Krnjaic, Philip Schuster, Natalia Toro, New Electron Beam-Dump Experiments to Search for MeV to few-GeV Dark Matter, arXiv: 1307.6554.
  • Fermi-LAT Collaboration, Search for Gamma-ray Spectral Lines with the Fermi Large Area Telescope and Dark Matter Implications, arXiv: 1305.5597.
  • On Behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration (E. Bloom , E. Charles, E. Izaguirre, A. Snyder, A. Albert, B. Winer, Z. Yang, R. Essig), Search of the Earth Limb Fermi Data and Non-Galactic Center Region Fermi Data for Signs of Narrow Lines, arXiv: 1303.2733.


  • Accidental Jet Substructure at the LHC, Michigan State University.
  • Accidental Jet Substructure at the LHC, Harvard University.