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Denis Rosset

Portrait de Denis Rosset

Area of Research:

Research Interests

In the 20th century, quantum mechanics, along with general relativity, led to redefinitions of the basic principles underlying our understanding of the physical world. Quantum theory is both exciting and puzzling: it has received precise experimental verifications, its mathematical structure is well understood, while none of the attempted causal explanations are fully satisfactory. My research interests are two-fold.

First, to demonstrate the paradigm shift brought by quantum theory, we need to characterize the behavior of various systems respecting the causal relations of classical physics.

Second, quantum systems exhibit novel properties such as entanglement or nonlocality which can be harnessed in a variety of tasks. Suprisingly, we can evaluate those properties from the external behavior of a quantum system, using only minimal assumptions about the underlying causal structure.

To solve these questions, my main focus is on developing practical mathematical and computational tools for the characterization of causal scenarios involving classical and/or quantum resources. For that purpose, I draw tools from discrete probability theory, convex optimization, real algebraic geometry and computational group theory. In particular, the study of symmetries of Bell scenarios proved to be fruitful, and I expect group-theoretical methods to play an important role in other structures.

Positions Held

  • 2017-2018 Postdoctoral research at IQOQI, University of Vienna, Austria
  • 2016-2017 Postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Physics, NCKU, Taiwan
  • 2010-2015 PhD candidate, GAP Optique, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Recent Publications

  • Denis Rosset, Anthony Martin, Ephanielle Verbanis, Charles Ci Wen Lim, Rob Thew Practical measurement-device-independent entanglement quantification Accepted in Physical Review A arXiv: 1709.03090
  • Denis Rosset, Nicolas Gisin, Elie Wolfe Universal bound on the cardinality of local hidden variables in networks Accepted in Quantum Information and Computation arXiv: 1709.00707
  • Denis Rosset, Francesco Buscemi, Yeong-Cherng Liang Resource Theory of Quantum Memories and Their Faithful Verification with Minimal Assumptions Physical Review X 8 (2), 021033 arXiv: 1710.04710
  • Pei-Sheng Lin, Denis Rosset, Yanbao Zhang, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Yeong-Cherng Liang Device-independent point estimation from finite data and its application to device-independent property estimation Physical Review A 97, 032309, 2018 arXiv: 1705.09245
  • SymDPoly: symmetry-adapted moment relaxations for noncommutative polynomial optimization Denis Rosset arXiv: 1808.09598
  • Enabling computation of correlation bounds for finite-dimensional quantum systems via symmetrisation Denis Rosset arXiv: 1808.02412
  • Regularizing data for practical randomness generation Boris Bourdoncle, Pei-Sheng Lin, Denis Rosset, Antonio Acín, Yeong-Cherng Liang arXiv: 1802.04703
  • Quantum State Tomography with Regularized Finite Statistics Sacha Schwarz, Bruno Eckmann, Denis Rosset, André Stefanov arXiv: 1802.03207
  • Self-testing quantum states and measurements in the prepare-and-measure scenario Armin Tavakoli, Jed Kaniewski, Tamas Vertesi, Denis Rosset, Nicolas Brunner arXiv: 1801.08520


  • Symmetric sums of squares relaxations for noncommutative polynomial optimization problems, Natal, Modern Topics in Quantum Information, August 2018