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Remember when you were little – how you’d spend hours exploring a stream or taking apart a flashlight? Perimeter researchers never stopped playing or asking questions. That’s what made them world leaders in physics. They know science is not a series of facts, but an ever-changing way of understanding our universe. Join in the discovery process: Perimeter’s Outreach programs, DVDs, online resources, contests and exciting summer programs are designed to help you think about how our universe works. Perimeter offers students an unparalleled opportunity to learn, wonder and ask questions of leading researchers, and together develop new ways of understanding reality.

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The mystery of Dark Matter

A mystery exists: Galaxies do not seem to have enough mass for stars to orbit at their observed speeds. Galaxies should be flying apart, but they don't. Take this challenge and add stars, planets, and black holes to a galaxy and learn how it changes.

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Watch Perimeter Institute videos online that will help you think about how our universe works:


Are you ready to question reality? Join Alice & Bob in this series of 60-second animated adventures as they wonder about the world around us. Discover with them that it is sometimes the simplest questions that lead us to the most profound insights. Be forewarned - these episodes may turn some of your ideas of reality upside down!

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What makes a scientist tick? What advice do they offer today's students? Find out by viewing these short video interviews with leading researchers from around the world.

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Major breakthroughs in theoretical physics are often marked by unifications in our understanding, either of the forces of nature or of our conceptual frameworks – our paradigms. Historically, each of these unifications has led to profound benefits for humanity, as we absorb its ramifications and discover creative ways to apply our newfound power. Explore the six most powerful ideas in physics history through this multimedia experience.

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