Perimeter partners with Chapman University to conduct collaborative research

Perimeter Institute and Chapman University’s Institute for Quantum Studies have forged a partnership to spark new collaborations.  

A new partnership announced this week at Chapman University’s Institute for Quantum Studies (IQS) in California will facilitate the free exchange of ideas and people between IQS and Perimeter Institute. 

The partnership, announced March 2 at an IQS conference, solidifies a collaborative relationship between the two institutions that has fuelled joint research and conferences since 2016. 

“This partnership will bring together researchers with highly complementary skills and very different perspectives, stimulating interactions and, we expect, new breakthroughs,” said Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok

Turok, who delivered a public lecture at Chapman the evening before the partnership announcement, said joint research facilitated by the partnership will tackle some of the most fundamental and ambitious questions in physics. 

“Obtaining a deeper understanding of quantum phenomena is now essential to progress in many areas of theoretical physics. Reconciling Einstein’s theory of gravity – which describes classical features of black holes and the cosmos so successfully – with quantum theory is critical to resolving basic paradoxes such as the big bang and what happens inside black holes. We at Perimeter are excited about working with IQS researchers to tackle some of the hardest questions in physics.” 

Jeff Tollaksen, co-director of IQS, added that the partnership allows theoretical physicists to "collaborate even more closely and explore the deepest questions about the underpinnings of our universe.”

Much of the collaborative research between Perimeter and IQS to date has been sparked by the work of IQS co-director and National Medal of Science winner Yakir Aharonov.


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"We at Perimeter are excited about working with IQS researchers to tackle some of the hardest questions in physics.”


- Perimeter Director Neil Turok