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Inside the Perimeter Magazine: Fall-Winter 2016/17

Science is a participatory endeavour. When people from diverse backgrounds come together in the spirit of open-minded inquiry, great discoveries can be made. Yet it's not always clear where or when those breakthroughs will come.

There is mounting evidence that some of today’s most promising avenues of inquiry in physics lie not within specialties, but between them.

This issue of Inside the Perimeter introduces some of those intersections and explores the potential rewards that can come from understanding the places between.



Perimeter Associate Faculty member Roger Melko explores the promise and challenges of quantum machine learning. Think: neural networks running on conventional hardware to identify the subtle signatures of a phase of matter.

We can use quantum mechanics, but have we made sense of it yet? Physics luminary Yakir Aharonov thinks so, but others aren't so sure. In "The Storyteller," writer Erin Bow takes readers inside a special conference probing one contentious question.

The "It from Qubit" conference sought a different breakthrough, aiming to dismantle the communication barriers between high energy physics and quantum information research in order to expose new areas of discovery.

And two Perimeter postdocs have cracked open a door to quantum computing that has been considered closed for 10 years.


Training & Outreach

Wondering what Perimeter Scholars International students were getting up to after their winter trip to Huntsville? Turns out they were preparing resulting papers for publication.

Meet the talented teens and dedicated teachers who came to Perimeter this summer for a deep dive into cutting-edge theoretical physics.


Fun Stuff

From the Black Hole Bistro: Dan's Kickin' Kimchi. Yum!

PI Kids are Asking: How real is the science of Star Trek?


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Institut Périmètre de Physique Théorique

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Researchers are probing the fertile ground between fields, in search of new discoveries.