Higgs: Now and in the Future

Conference Date: 
Monday, April 23, 2012 (All day) to Tuesday, April 24, 2012 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 
Particle Physics


With possible evidence for the Higgs boson, we may be getting a first glimpse of its various properties, such as the rates for different production processes and its decays. With mounting statistics and a growing set of measurements, the Higgs boson will shed light on many aspects of TeV-scale physics. This 2-day workshop will bring together a small group of experimentalists and theorists, with the aim of understanding the most recent Higgs boson results, confronting current challenges, and paving the way for more precise future measurements. The first day of the workshop ("The Present") will include reviews of specific published measurements with the goal of exposing and tackling the challenges in their ongoing development. The second day ("The Future") will focus on prospects and new ideas for future Higgs measurements that will test the Standard Model in detail, and may point toward distinctive new physics.


*A limited amount of funding may be available for student participation. Please contact Natalia Toro at ntoro[at]perimeterinstitute[dot]ca with your name, field of study, institution and how this workshop will benefit you, and/or what you may contribute.





Aysha Abdel-Aziz, University of Toronto

Justin Albert, University of Victoria

Georges Azuelos, University of Montreal

Bertrand Brelier, University of Toronto

Dag Gillberg, CERN

Doug Gingrich, University of Alberta

Ewan Hill, University of Victoria

Justin Keung, University of Toronto

Thomas Koffas, CERN

Ashutosh Kotwal, Duke University

Peter Krieger, University of Toronto

Jim Lacey, CERN

Michael Luke, University of Toronto

Dugan O'Neil, Simon Fraser University

Pierre Savard, University of Toronto

Doug Schouten, TRIUMF

Steven Schramm, University of Toronto

Bernd Stelzer, CERN

Oliver Stelzer-Chilton, TRIUMF

William Trischuk, University of Toronto




Haipeng An, Perimeter Institute

Nima Arkani-Hamed, Institute for Advanced Studies

Cliff Burgess, Perimeter Institute, McMaster University

Christophe Grojean, CERN

Bob Holdom, University of Toronto

Eder Izaguirre, Stanford University

Mariangela Lisanti, Princeton University

Heather Logan, Carleton University

Josef Pradler, Perimeter Institute

Matthew Reece, Harvard University

Philip Schuster, Perimeter Institute

Carlos Tamarit, Perimeter Institute

Natalia Toro, Perimeter Institute

Neal Weiner, New York University

Itay Yavin, Perimeter Institute, McMaster University



A tentative agenda is listed below.  Each session will be split equally between a scheduled talk and discussion:


Monday, April 23 - "The Present" - Problems of immediate importance for Higgs measurements


  • Introduction
  • Current status of Higgs Searches and discussion
  • Backgrounds to Higgs Measurements (few short talks) and discussion
  • Lunch
  • Pile-up and Higgs Measurements and discussion
  • Theoretical Uncertainties in Higgs Measurements and discussion 
  • Banquet



Tuesday, April 24 - "The Future" - Problems of approaching and/or asymptotic interest

  • What else can be done with the planned Higgs searches? 
  • Discussion
  • Constraints on new physics from standard Higgs Measurements and discussion
  • Lunch
  • Higgs in extensions of the SM (2 talks) and discussion 
  • What does Higgs tell us about high energy (eg. fine-tuning, vacuum stability) and discussion 
  • Experimental searches for BSM & relevance to Higgs and its extensions and discussion