The Making of the Convergence Trailer

A lot of time and chalk went into this particular black hole. 

By now you have probably seen the short "trailer" video for Convergence, in which a Perimeter blackboard is transformed into a work of art... with gravity. 

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:


A bit of back-story: the artist in the video is Chalkmaster Dave, who typically creates perspective-bending works of art on sidewalks and other surfaces around North America. 

He also created the chalk art that adorns blackboards in practically every hallway and meeting space in Perimeter during Convergence.

The black hole in the trailer, appropriately, seemed to stretch and warp time: it required many hours of work.

This timelapse footage demonstrates just how much time (and chalk) went into the piece. 


And if you can't make it to Waterloo to see the finished product, here it is: