2015 Summer Internship

Theoretical physics is a cornerstone of modern quantitative science, on which so much else rests. It is perhaps the highest-impact, lowest-cost area of basic research. The field advances our fundamental understanding of the universe, and seeds the technologies of tomorrow. Solar cells, computers, wireless technologies, diagnostic imaging – they are all rooted in breakthroughs made by theoretical physicists.

At Perimeter Institute we offer a dynamic work culture fuelled by ideas and collaboration. The centre hosts a diverse research community, including some of today’s pre-eminent theoretical physicists, PhD and Masters-level trainees, and the world’s largest group of independent postdoctoral fellows in the field, all supported by a small group of hard-working administrative staff.  We currently have summer student intern positions available from May to September with the following operational areas within the institute:


  • Finance Clerk
  • Educational Outreach-Summer Programs
  • Information Technology Services-Software Developer
  • Information Technology Services-Help Desk
  • External Relations-CRM, Marketing and Communications
  • Black Hole Bistro-Apprentice Cook

If you:

  • have completed one year of postsecondary education and will be returning in the Fall;
  • have never met a challenge you didn’t like;
  • are seeking the opportunity to develop and finesse skills you never even knew you had, and;
  • would love to work in an innovative and always changing environment with a friendly and  supportive culture

Please submit your application ONLINE  before Monday April 13th  and indicate your preferred position(s) and why you should be selected as a PI intern.  We’d really love to have you on our team.